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Waddani In Boiling Conflict By Khadar Ibrahim

The so called opposition party waddani have a great conflict that will cost him to not win any upcoming elections!, and in my mind If waddani does not put his house in order and come up with an agreed chairman post for the before the upcoming presidential election, will suffer a huge damage. The current crisis of waddani has mainly originated from the leadership contest in hargeisa party conference, but not entirely from the conference. The election of the Presidential candidate was fixed with corruption style to be IRRO.

The problem of electing the Vice Presidential candidate plunged the party into unprecedented crisis, resulting that the party has split in the middle. BUT IRRO brings a runner in corrupt way and Intel today waddani is suffering and loosing day by day many grounds.

The waddani party leadership has no support among the somalilander and later on they have no chance to win the upcoming elections in 2017.the waddani party members have been involved in a bitter power struggle and a dirty smear against them self’s led by their chairman IRRO to pointed himself as the nomination for waddani for upcoming elections, so from that day waddani party have become in disarray and unpopular amongst the Somaliland electorate not to mention the wide spread corruption. Under the leadership of IRRO there have been a serious allegation of embezzlement leveled against the Somaliland, I believe after this upcoming elections in DEC 2017 the current WADDANI leadership regime well flee out the country over night with their suite cases stuffed with SUPPORTERS AND ORG money!!.This mafia style well flee away by the nations vote, this corrupt party Somaliland cannot handle it for another 5 years of embarrassment, corruption.

They try it to make conflict between the nations to get what they want by organizing demonstration!, extension!. They will not get it that and all the eyes on them, please don’t try that and be man one’s in your life time by going to the election and see what the destiny holds for your MR. IRRO.

By Khadar Ibrahim

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