How to Do a Research Study’’


How to Do a Research Study’’

Academic Research Proposal: The Rise of China and the US Foreign Policy


The rise of China has incontrovertibly been one of the utmost News of the world for the last decade, or the twenty first century. The extraordinary economic growth of China in terms of manufacturing and exporting goods and services is what made some international economic researchers and political analysts to predict when China will turn out to be the next Superpower of the world, and how the American hegemonic era to come to an end. According to the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the Peoples’ Republic of China has the world’s second largest economy by nominal GDP. On the other hand, China has the largest financial reserves of the world, it is the world’s largest trading power and has 3 trillion of the world’s foreign exchange reserves.


The authenticity of remunerations in China are much lower than that in the US doubted the inquiry of the International Monetary Fund. For the reason that Gross Domestic Product of China divide by the number of people of its population placed China far more behind than any other industrialised country of the world. China’s position of income per capita is the 103rd out of 188 countries in global GDP per capita rankings. Therefore, this research statement shows how I carried out the research discoveries of the subject of the Rise of China and United States Foreign Policy. The research explored China’s extraordinary economic growth, military advancement, technological and science improvements and the powerful influence of the active diplomacy in East Asia. Contrariwise, it revealed the political and economic constraints of China due to energy, political structure and hi-tech advancement of researched knowledge and science.

Statement of the Problem

In the last epoch, the notion of China’s economic and military growth has become almost a News drama in the global political and economic outlook. In the modern infrastructure, China became the leading nation, which ranked first in the world. It became the world’s powerhouse of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI), and the number of people that uses internet are more than 600 million people, which makes almost twice the entire population of the US. The college and University graduates are 7 million a year and the urbanisation community risen more than 400 million people for the last ten years. But this is not the end of the story, there are many obstacles ahead of China in terms of its geographic locations, science and technological improvements and the country’s political structure.

Research Aims

The aim of the research performance was carried to find how China can break these stumbling blocks in order to become the world’s next Global force. Since, Superpower requires a stable political democracy with free and fair elections, it needs privatisation and unregulated or less regulated economic system under the free market. Alongside with the mentioned concepts, there is a need for hard power, which is the military power as this is important to interfere and defend the country’s national interest as well as protecting its friends and allies. China’s political system is one party system, there is no concept of majority rules minority, which is the democratic dogma.

In that case, China’s legal system is under the single political party that exist within. There are no freedoms of the press and the freedoms of the public opinion, while the governing narrow strata are above the law. These resulted that, the quality of life and the creativity of China’s human resources is declining, due to the political system of the state and its structure. In all these areas, when compare to the United States, the country is lagging far more behind its challenger. And this is what the research demonstration critically analysed in order to explore the fundamental ontological assumption of whether China will overtake the United States in terms of the economy and the world hegemonic power.

Political Theories

In my research, I focused on the political theories of the world, and picked up the relevant political theory of realism. Because, this global political theory of realism relates to the topic of the Rise of China and the United States Foreign Policy. Although, currently the relations between the United States and China opposed conflicts and other nasty behaviour of human nature into a different dimension of peace and cooperation. The reality that the global political theory of liberalismencourages world peace through cooperation, democratisation, free trade and globalisation, seems absent. For the reason that China is not a democratic country, it is an authoritarian and one party system. There is no economic freedom in China as its multilateral cooperation and financial industries are state owned public companies.

The Purpose of the Study

The main purpose of the study about this topic of the Rise of China and the United States Foreign Policy is, because I am a person who believes that it is the structure of the international system, or the architecture of the international system that explains the large part of how states behave. The international political commentators and analysts are now debating whether the Peoples’ Republic of China will overtake the United States in order to become the next Superpower of the world. Therefore, in the research arrangement, I have combined the issue of Rise of China and US Foreign Policy in Asia.

Objectives of the Study

The general objective of the research presentation is to identify the question of how China will overtake the US, and whether the United States can secure and maintain its position of the international hegemony power.

Specific Objectives The specific objectives of the research performance are to assess the reality of how China will become the world’s next Superpower.

To assess the political reality of the United States of the world’s first democratic government in 1789.
To assess, by contrast that China has not even begun to make the transition towards a semi-democratic state.
To assess the freedom of the economy in the United States, which open capitalist economy.
To assess, by contrast that China’s economic freedom ranked 137th country alongside with Tajikistan and Cameroon.
To assess the military basis of the United States, which is more than 120 basis in the world.
To assess, by contrast that China has none, while the country is still working on its first aircraft carrier.
To assess the advancement of Science and Technology in both countries.

Research Questions

Will China upheaval and overthrow the existing current world order or become part of it?
Will the United States of America maintain its position of world order?

Hypothesis of the Study

Because of the United States in the Western Hemisphere, the country is quite far from the most powerful countries in the Western Hemisphere.
United States has the Canadian in its Northern Border, it has the Mexican in its Southern border and fish in its Eastern and Western Borders (Atlantic and Pacific Oceans). The United States Government ever goes to bed at night worrying another country attacking it, for the reason that the United States is so powerful than all its neighbours.
The rise of China’s economic growth will translate into military myth in order to defend its wider national interest.
China’s geographic location is different from that of the United States. It has to dominate Asian economic powers, such as Japan, South Korea, Vietnam, Malaysia, and Singapore as well as militarily to its neighbouring nuclear powers, such as Russia, India, North Korea and Pakistan.

Significant of the Study

This research performance will provide the related political concepts of power, democracy, freedom, justice and liberty. The research demonstration also clarifies the aims and the importance of the Research Topic and why it is important to present.


The reality is that the approach to peace should be done through the equilibrium of power and military readiness. While, strength is present and can be seen in the actions of both countries. For the reason that, realist point of view is the competing political and economic forces of the world as it is today. In that case, in my research analysis the global political theory I have related to my argument was the political theory of realism. Because of the reality of the United States preference to remain and maintain its position of the world, and the reality of the Rise of China.

Research Design and Methodology

An accurate information is very important in any decision-making process. People assigned to design and run programme need ‘good’ information in order make the ‘right’ interventions. Healthier and improved information leads to better programming decisions. The methodology of this study was therefore designed to meet the following minimum conditions:-

The requirement to reach at the most inexpensive approximation of the truth
The need to obtain the required material at the shortest time
The need to lessen and possibly eradicate bias and errors

Design of the study and methodology

Depending on the applied research, as a researcher, I will apply the descriptive research method and use qualitative and quantitative data.

The research will constitute the direct interpretation of the collection, measurements, and analysis of data.

Source of data

A secondary data, different media newspapers, magazines, recorded documents; reliable source of internet is going to be used.

Data gathering instruments

The main instrument of collecting data is interviews, observation and questionnaires. The researcher will conduct interviews and distribute questionnaires for all respondents who have knowledge about the Rise of China and the US Foreign Policy.

Data gathering procedures

Data collecting methods will be data facts, opinions, open ended Questioners, interviews, primary data, secondary data, observation method, published and unpublished materials will also incorporate.

Data analysis

The data collected by the above measurements from different sources have different information and some have similar idea. I will categorise them according to their similarity and their difference. After collecting necessary data, the analysis will be conducted a descriptive method.

Mohamed Hagi Mohamoud. Department of Politics and International Studies. The University of Warwick.,


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