Is Col. Musa Bihi Somaliland’s Abdel Fattah El-Sisi?‏


Is Col. Musa Bihi Somaliland’s Abdel Fattah El-Sisi?

The battle for the Kulmiye Party’s Presidential contest has gotten very ugly within the last couple days as the largest number of government officials resigned in protest of the unfair support of Col. Musa Bihi. Hirsi Ali Hassan and Presidential candidate Mohammed Behi Yonis led a mass government resignation on October 26th after the President reportedly ordered his ministers to support Col.Musa Bihi or resign. This has really left many Somalilanders scared and shocked as Hirsi was the right hand man of the President and was one of the most hardest working ministers in the government and many of the ministers that resigned were the best ministers in Silanyo’s government. Now although it is not confirmed that the President really did order his ministers to do that it seems clear that the President is siding with Col.Musa over Mohammed Behi Yonis. So many things lately have revealed to the public that there is no neutrality and Col.Musa is being pushed from the behind. Now the question is, is Col.Musa Bihi Somaliland’s Abdel Fattah El-Sisi? The answer to that question so far seems like he might be. When the president was naming his new ministers Col.Musa was in the Presidential house naming the new members of the government to prepare them for a Col.Musa government. Large number of the promoted and new ministers, Mahmud Hashi, Ali Marehan, Ahmed Adarre are pro-Col. Musa supporters and despise Hirsi and are the ones who run the rumor saying Hirsi is like the Muslim Brotherhood. Their naming also sadly shows that the President is like in a interim role position and Col.Musa is secretly controlling the government that is filled with his supporters just like before Sisi became a President when he was a supposed Deputy Prime Minister. If the President doesnt want his legacy to be destroyed by the claim that he is supporting Col.Musa Sisi then he needs to truly show that he has no relationship with his campaign and stop everything that is connecting him to Col. Musa. If Col.Musa becomes President there is also dangerously a high chance that he will arrest all those politcians who were against him like Sisi did to Morsi and accuse them on false crimes. This is the mentality of soliders and it’s a mentality that will ruin Somaliland republic. If Kulmiye’s central council members dont want Kulmiye to be ruined like UDUB and the country to be ruled by a dictator, they have to do the right thing and vote for Yonis, Kijandhe or Samaale. If Somaliland’s opposition parties want a safe election where they contest freely they have to urge Kulmiye’s members to vote for a candidate that will follow election rules and will not contest violently or hold a sham election like Sisi did in Egypt with 93% of the vote. If Somaliland’s citizens care about the future of the Somaliland Republic they must speak up now and urge Kulmiye to elect a non-dangerous candidate!! The last question here that you must all think about it and repeat in your head is, do you really want a Col.Musa Sisi Presidency?

WaBillahi Tawfiq

Ilyas Hassan


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